At St. Louis Plains Rifle Co., our interests in competitive rimfire shooting and authentic muzzle loading rifles, along with a passion for fine wood and quality craftsmanship have driven us to develop what we think are the best products available in their class.  If you are looking for a “cutting edge” competition benchrest stock or an authentic muzzle loading rifle you have surely found the promised land.

Rimfire Benchrest Stocks
The #1 choice for sporter class bench rest stocks since 1998.  Now with the introduction of the Predator stock in late 2001 we have a BR class stock that has already scored impressive wins at IR 50/50 state championship matches in Illinois, Maryland, and West Virginia.
Authentic Muzzle Loading Rifles
Specializing in complete parts sets to authentically replicate the variety of plains rifles produced in St Louis from 1830 to 1865.

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