This stock design and fabrication technique eliminates the accuracy robbing deficiencies inherent in other stocks.

  • No hollow butt to upset balance on bags and add vibration
  • Light weight: 2lb + or – 4 oz in BR size. six ounces less in sporter
  • Eliminates vibration present in fiberglass stocks
  • Comb clears even fat-handled rods, so rod stays concentric with bore
  • Comb parallel with bore so eye alignment stays constant
  • Laminated for strength and stability
  • The number one advantage of the Predator and Shrew design is how well they track. The only stock design that gives tracking stability on bags that rivals a rail. The point of impact does not change between free recoil and a firm hold.

Available in a variety of fancy woods: curly cherry, curly maple, quilted mahogany to list a few. All are sanded smooth to 120 grit – no finish

Fully inlet for Anschutz 54, Hall, Rem 40X, Suhl, Turbo and Ultra Light Arms in Predator (BR). Anschutz 54.18, Hall, Sako, Turbo and Ultra Light Arms in Shrew (sporter). Price: $250

Sako Shrew is supplied only with pillars and aluminum bedding block installed.
Price: $300

Produced and distributed solely by Don Stith
Concept and Design by Bill Myers

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