Make your own authentic re-creation of famous muzzle loading rifles from the shops of S. Hawken and H.E. Dimick, famed St. Louis makers.

We supply you with a complete set of quality components carefully designed to replicate specific rifles.  Many of the guns are in our own collection.

STOCK: Patterns are carefully copied from original rifles.  The barrel channel is fully inlet and the ramrod hole drilled.  The lock, trigger bar, and buttplate are 90% inlet to aid you in locating these key components.  The outside shape is 95% complete.

BARRELS: We have these made by the best custom barrel makers. They are threaded but breech plug is not fitted.

TRIGGERS:  Commercial units are used.  This simplifies your access to replacement parts if ever needed.

Blue prints are supplied for each model

NOTE:  These are not kits. The parts are selected to work together and are stylistically correct. It will take an experienced builder about 100 hours to complete a finished rifle. Also note: LOCKS ARE NOT INCLUDED.

We occasionaly have completed rifles available.  Please inquire.

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